Each gas appliance will require a bottle of Liquid Propane Gas (LPG). We recommend a 13kg size bottle per appliance per function with the exception of six burner ranges and BBQs which will require a 19kg bottle. A gas regulator and spanner will be supplied along with the relevant safety data sheets.

Please call us if you need further advice.
80.00 + VAT
Cinders Caterer BarbecueLPG BBQ 67" x 26" (1715mm x 660mm)

We recommend a 19kg gas bottle (KC99)
19.00 + VAT
Gas Water BoilerGas Boiler 4.3Gal (20Ltr)

Gas hired separately. 
20.00 + VAT
Gas Double Boiling RingGas hired separately
95.00 + VAT
Six Burner Gas OvenGas Range with six burner top

Gas hired separately. We recommend a 19kg bottle (KC99).
65.00 + VAT
Paella Pan and Burner1m Diameter. 

Gas hired separately 
20.50 + VAT
Propane Gas Bottle 13kg13kg Propane Gas for hire with catering equipment only
28.00 + VAT
Propane Gas Bottle 19kg19kg Propane Gas for hire with catering equipment only
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