100.00 + VAT
Including 2 speakers & Stands
25.00 + VAT
Professional UHF wireless microphone for voice.
10.00 + VAT
Professional wired microphone for voice
10.00 + VAT
Professional wired microphone for instruments
18.00 + VAT
Coat Rail & 45 Hangers

Coat Rail (Black) including 45 Hangers

19.00 + VAT
Gas FlareLT15 - Gas Flare 7' 2.1m high with a spike at the bottom for anchoring into the ground or a tub filled with sand, soil etc. The flares are made from anodised aluminium.

The gas canister will burn for 4 - 5 hours with a good flame

The Flares get extremely hot, take care when changing gas cannisters.
12.00 + VAT
Gas CanisterLT16 - Gas Canister for Flares
5.00 + VAT
Large Wicker BasketDark brown wicker
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