Calor Gas

20.00 + VAT
Patio Gas 5kg Propane - gas refillFor gas BBQs and table top patio heaters
27.62 + VAT
Patio Gas - 13kg Propane - gas refillFor gas BBQ and patio heaters

16.81 + VAT
4.5 kg Butane - gas refillIdeal for camping(anything with a single burner or a small light)
22.86 + VAT
7 kg Butane - gas refill
Ideal for summer caravanning and portable heaters
36.19 + VAT
15 kg Butane - gas refillPredominantly used for portable heaters
15.76 + VAT
3.9kg Propane - gas refill
Mainly used for industrial small burners
20.81 + VAT
6kg Propane - gas refill
Introduced by Calor for winter caravanning.

28.33 + VAT
13 kg Propane - gas refill
Popular with canal and narrow boats for cooking and heating
Also used by catering vans and industrial appliances such as shrink wrap guns and floor sweepers in factories
34.95 + VAT
19 kg Propane - gas refill
Ideal for commercial site and blown air heaters.

Also a favourite with outdoor caterers, for use with LPG generators.
71.81 + VAT
47 kg Propane - gas refillIdeal for large heaters and generators that are running for long periods in commercial and outdoor locations.

To be used with screw in regulator
32.38 + VAT
Automotive Liquid Offtake 18kg PropaneLOT Black Top Cylinder for Automotive use
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