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Each gas appliance will require a bottle of Liquid Propane Gas (LPG). We recommend a 13kg size bottle per appliance per function with the exception of six burner ranges and BBQs which will require a 19kg bottle. A gas regulator and spanner will be supplied along with the relevant safety data sheets.

Please call us if you need further advice.
100.00 + VAT
Including 2 speakers & Stands
25.00 + VAT
Professional UHF wireless microphone for voice.
10.00 + VAT
Professional wired microphone for voice
10.00 + VAT
Professional wired microphone for instruments
0.85 + VAT
Oak Parquet Sprung Dance Floor3' x 3' Panels. Price per square foot
1.00 + VAT
Black & White Sprung Dance Floor2ft x 2ft panels. Price per square foot
24.00 + VAT
Stage 15" high is available in 8' x 4' panels

Price per 8' x 4' section Includes a pleated valance to the edge
20.00 + VAT
10m x 2m as pathway
16.00 + VAT
8' x 3' Roadway Panels
20.00 + VAT
Patio Gas 5kg Propane - gas refillFor gas BBQs and table top patio heaters
27.62 + VAT
Patio Gas - 13kg Propane - gas refillFor gas BBQ and patio heaters

16.81 + VAT
4.5 kg Butane - gas refillIdeal for camping(anything with a single burner or a small light)
22.86 + VAT
7 kg Butane - gas refill
Ideal for summer caravanning and portable heaters
36.19 + VAT
15 kg Butane - gas refillPredominantly used for portable heaters
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